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Drone Mobile - DR-3400

Drone Mobile - DR-3400

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The DRONE Mobile DR-3400 takes vehicle safety and convenience to the next level. The DR-3400 provides the ability to lock/unlock your doors, remote start and stop your engine, open and close your trunk, and track the location of your vehicle, all from your Android or iPhone device.

The DR-3400 is an add-on module that is compatible with Compustar, iDataStart, and iDatalink branded remote start and security products. For all the convenience features to work you will require a remote start or security system from one of these manufacturers.

However, the DR-3400 can be used as a stand-alone product offering lock/unlock, trunk open/close, and GPS tracking capabilities provided the DRONE Mobile DR-HRN-3KHW is used *requires additional purchase/see product accessories tab*

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