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Cerwin Vega SPRO122D Dual 12 Inch Stroker Pro Series 2 Ohm Car Subwoofer

  • $1,818.45


The legendary Stroker Pro name returns as a limited edition subwoofer to commemorate Cerwin-Vega’s 60-Year Anniversary! Our engineers have taken the rich heritage and tradition of Cerwin-Vega subwoofer designs throughout the years and have incorporated those elements into a brand new and intimidating Stroker Pro series subwoofer. This beast will shake, rattle, and roll every part of your ride and make every single body panel dance! The new Stroker Pro utilizes a heavy industrial strength textured basket frame that is positioned on top of the high density triple-stacked, triple segment magnet. To reinforce the elevated motor structure on to the enormous magnets, side profile steel mesh straps are compressed and connected to anchor this massive subwoofer. The Stroker Pro series subwoofers are available exclusively as a 12 Inch SPRO122D model and a 15 Inch SPRO152D model.

The limited edition Stroker Pro series subwoofer was designed for the ultimate car audio fanatic. This one-time release to commemorate Cerwin-Vega’s 60-Year Anniversary makes it that much more special. The legacy continues with Stroker Pro!


Dual 12 Inch Stroker Pro Series 2 Ohm Car Subwoofer


  • 12” Dual 2-ohm SPL Subwoofer
  • 4000W MAX / 2000W RMS Power Handling
  • Oversized Dual Mirror Image Spider
  • Heavy Industrial Strength Textured Basket Frame
  • Elevated Motor Structure Cooling Design
  • High Density Triple Stacked, Triple Segment Magnet
  • Black Ribbed Design Pattern on Treated Semi-Pressed Cone
  • Durable Full-Roll Injection Molded Foam Surround


SPL (dB) 85.4 Re (Ω) [series] 2.85
Qms 2.2 Qes 0.29
Qts 0.26 Fs (Hz) 25.0
Vas (L) 41.7 Cms (mm/N) 0.121
Mms (g) 336.0 Sd (m2) 0.049
BL (T*M) 22.8 Xmax (mm) 33.0
Pwr (W) NOM/MAX 2000/4000    


Total Diameter (A) 12.35 Inch 313.7 mm
Mounting Diameter (B) 11.12 Inch 282.5 mm
Screw Hole Diameter (C) 0.216 Inch 5.5 mm
Mounting Depth. (D) 10.3 Inch 261.6 mm
Hole Diameter (E) 11.72 Inch 297.8 mm
Displacement (ft3/L) 0.215 Cubic Feet 6.1 L


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