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Advanced Clutch - XAct Streetlite One Piece Flywheel 600110

Advanced Clutch - XAct Streetlite One Piece Flywheel 600110

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Most stock flywheels are heavy cast iron and are designed for optimum drivability by storing some of the engine’s power in the form of inertia. Light flywheels provide significantly improved engine response and acceleration by compromising drivability. XACT flywheels are designed for improving engine response, strength and affordability. XACT flywheels are certified as meeting SFI Spec. 1.1. XACT flywheels are legal for competition in all racing organizations where SFI certification is required.
Tooth Count: 112
Weight (LB): 12.2 Pound
Material: Chromoly Steel
Safety Rating: SFI 1.1



  • Material Is Properly Distributed On The Streetlite For Strength, Greater Heat Dissipation And Reduced Inertia
  • CAD Designed, CNC Machined And Computer Balanced For Quality And Precision
  • One Piece Forged Chrome Moly Is Stronger And More Durable Than Billet Steel, Aluminum Or Cast Iron
  • Internal Ring Gear Induction Hardened For Maximum Gear Life
  • ACT Flywheels Are Lighter, Stronger And Safer Than Stock Cast Flywheels To Meet The Needs Of Both The Enthusiast And Hard Core Racer
  • ACT Heat Treats The Entire Forging For Strength And Toughness, And Induction Hardens Our Ring Gears For Longest Gear Life
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty

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