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DB Drive Audio

DB Drive likes to set some world records now and again.  We're pleased to offer them and look forward to watching them continue to produce some of the nicest equipment around!

Speed Series  - This is where you'll find a nice selection of amplifiers.  This isn't an entry line but this will be the lowest line we offer for DB Drive on our store front.  We can get K0 thru to K9 though, so if that's what you're after just send us a message!

Platinum Series - This is the go to for subwoofers and speakers.  They will offer good power handling at a very reasonable price.  If you're looking to add an amp to your stock system, this is the line for you.  This series can be paired with the Speed Series amplifiers.

K5F Series - They are in the middle of the DB spectrum and are designed for low profile mounting.  This could be considered the "truck series".

P7 Pro Series - Speakers for the Pro's.  We recommend these to anyone looking to build a show piece for the right price.

A7 Series - These amplifiers pack a huge punch.  They come in at a very reasonable price to performance ratio and are a must for those looking for some head turning bass.  Should be matched with the WDX competition subs.

WDX Competition Series - This sub is designed for the true audio enthusiast.  It's higher price reflects is higher output capabilities and isn't for the faint of heart.  If you want the best and money isn't an issue - here you go!

Marine Series - Boat & Powersport approved!