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Cerwin Vega Mobile

Since 1954, Cerwin-Vega Mobile setting the standards for 60 years, manufacturing and producing professional audio components.  

XED Series - This is Cerwin Vega's entry level in the car audio world.  It is for the person looking to get into the audio game and to spend their money as wisely as possible.  XED is Extreme Energy Design.

HED Series - This is the answer for most music lovers.  You'll get a nice crisp sound with some car filling bass for a very reasonable price.  Constructed with a heavy grade aluminum alloy extruded heatsink, HED series amplifiers are built to last. Red ambient logo background lighting completes the finish on this series. Equipped with a variable crossover and remote level controller for system tuning, HED series amplifiers can adjust to exactly how you want your car audio system to sound!

Stealth Bomber Series - The new Stealth Bomber series amplifiers from Cerwin-Vega Mobile create endless installation options. Forget about space limitations, these diminutive amplifiers generate great power so do not be fooled by its small stature. The smallest model, the mono-channel B1 measures in at only 6.61 Inch X 4.02 Inch X 1.4 Inch while delivering a stellar 500 X 1 @ 2Ω RMS power.

RPM Series - Designed for your weekend warrior.  They are able to take the abuse you throw at them and play LOUD, CRISP music all day long.  If you want to put a big system in your UTV, ATV, Golf Cart, 4x4, etc... Don't overlook the RPM Series.  

Vega Series - This is our go to when we have an enthusiast on our hands that doesn't want to drop 1000's of dollars.  This line will blow away your stock system without breaking the bank.  Great power handling and beautiful red highlights.  If you want to turn heads, you can start here.

Vega Pro Series - These subs are great.... especially if you want the people walking by to enjoy the bass with you!  This is our most sold subwoofer due to it's amazing quality and reasonable price point.

Stroker Series - Cerwin-Vega Mobile has established an unsurpassed reputation for performance, quality, efficiency, and reliability. A lot of that praise can be attributed to the Stroker series of products. The new Stroker series subwoofers will continue to add to the legacy! Designed and engineered from scratch, the new Stroker series subwoofers are built so that you can feel the bass and not just hear it! Modern design innovations such as an elevated motor structure for advanced cooling application is what keeps the Stroker subwoofers ahead of the game! The heavy industrial strength textured basket frame provides strength and durability while an exotic pulp treated semi-pressed cone and oversized large roll surround are utilized for extreme excursion capabilities on the latest Stroker subwoofers. The Stroker series comes in a 2-ohm and 4-ohm version and are available as in 10 Inch, 12 Inch, and 15 Inch sizes. For extreme bass response and high SPL output, the Stroker series subwoofers will bring it!

Stroker Pro SeriesThe limited edition Stroker Pro series subwoofer was designed for the ultimate car audio fanatic. This one-time release to commemorate Cerwin-Vega’s 60-Year Anniversary makes it that much more special. The legacy continues with Stroker Pro!