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BBK Performance

Many people often ask, how did the brand BBK come to be and what does BBK stand for. It's actually the initials of company founder and current CEO Brian Murphy, his best friend from high school Barry Morrison and Brian's younger brother Ken Murphy. Growing up in a small town in the northeast during the 1970's & 80's, Brian would read car magazines like Hot Rod & Car Craft and dream about Southern California and the performance industry as it was the birth place of the car culture and home of many companies such as Edelbrock & Hot Rod Magazine. Upon graduating high school in 1987, Brian convinced Barry to join him in driving out west to Southern California to start a new life and attend college. A few months later after seeing how popular the new breed of electronic fuel injected pony cars like the Mustang and Camaro had become, Brian had the idea of starting a company that would sell performance bolt ons for these new platforms. Back in 1988 the leading aftermarket companies such as Summit Racing were focused on performance for the old school carbureted muscle cars and really didn't understand Detroit's latest fuel injected platforms.

In 1989, Brian's brother Ken moved out west after graduating high school to help Brian & Barry with the business which had started to establish itself with the 5.0L Mustang market advertising in such magazines as Super Ford & Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords. A couple of years later Barry would leave BBK to move back east and start a family, at which time Brian & Ken began to focus on getting more involved in manufacturing and expanding the BBK product line. Creating such industry firsts as the modern day performance throttle body, cold air intake and shorty headers, BBK would quickly establish itself as a leading force in this new world of EFI performance that was taking over the aftermarket as enthusiasts started to see how much potential these platforms had while delivering excellent mileage and drivability. During the 1990's Brian had made friendships with some of the industry founders & leaders such as Vic Edelbrock (Edelbrock Corp) & Bob Petersen (founder of Petersen Publishing and home of the same magazines Brian & Ken would read as little gear heads while growing up). These people had not only become friends but also an inspiration as Brian & Ken would build BBK into the top performance brand for the modern day car & truck.

Today armed with nearly 200,000ft of state of the art R&D, manufacturing and distribution facilities in California & Florida, the BBK brand continues to focus on bringing the best quality, affordably priced performance products built right here in the USA. If you're ever in Daytona Beach or San Diego, be sure to check out our factory outlets and see what performance upgrades BBK offers for your favorite project. With over 600 products now available for most Ford, GM, Dodge & Jeep models, BBK continues to design & produce the highest quality dyno proven performance bolt ons with the same determination as when Brian got things started in 1988.